Fariborz Farid

Born 1983 Tehran, Iran




2015  MFA  Media Art and Design

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany


2010  MFA  Fine Arts

maHKU Utrecht, The Netherlands


2006  BA  Painting

University of Tehran, Iran





Exhibition - “Muted Distortions”, Athens, Greece

December 2012 - January 2013

video work about conceptual art “My noise is not my voice.” +-10:00 minutes December 2012


Event/exhibition - Glocken Museum, Apolda, Germany

14 July 2012

photography video work “My Upside-down World” 45 minutes video containing video paintings in the nature, production Summer 2011


Event/exhibition - Kinderdijk Art Project, the Netherlands

June 2011

presentation of 3 short animation films (ME 1, 2, 3) +-10:00 minutes each and “My Upside-down World” 45 minutes


Exhibition - “Tricking the Everyday”, Academie Galerie, Utrecht, the Netherlands

July - August 2011

video work“Essoufflé” +-17:00 minutes short documentary film about my artistic everyday life


Exhibition - “Catching up!”, maHKU group show - the Netherlands

July 2010

short film presentations on the notion of drawing and reading the drawing